Difflam HEXTRA Lozenges - Purple Grape

With antiseptic and local anaesthetic properties to relieve sore throat, help fight throat infections.

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  • Relieves pain
  • Fights throat infection


  • Purple Grape

Each lozenge contains:
Hexylresorcinol 2.4mg

Age: Adults and children aged 6 years & over

1 lozenge every 3 hours as required (maximum 12 lozenges per day)

Slowly dissolve lozenge in mouth one at a time. Do not chew.

Do Not Use This Medicine:

  • If blister seal is broken
  • If past the expiry date

While using this medicine:

  • Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children under 6 years.
  • If symptoms persist, have not improved, or have worsened, consult your doctor.

Store below 30°C.

About Sore Throats

Why am I having a sore throat? When we talk about having a sore throat, we’re describing the pain or irritation that can affect one part or all parts of your throat lining. Your throat (pharynx) is the tube at the back of your mouth that connects your nasal passages (sinuses) to the top of […]

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